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As you may see, this is all symbolic imagery language as well as poetic to describe a renewal,

or a new Pentecost. I had been explaining to the people that they should never wait from God

sensational events because God rather works in a discreet way, although His language can be

expressive and powerful. Many events, like a new Pentecost, should not be expected as visible

flames above our heads or the like. When God is in action He does it in such a smooth and

discreet way that many who expected sensational events would not even notice them


Question 5. TLIG as movement?

What is the real identity of the TLIG movement and what does it require of its

followers? How is it structured?

True Life in God is not a movement but an apostolic call

True Life in God is not a movement, nor has it got an office. It is simply a calling for

reconciliation and unity for everybody, no matter who they are. The calling does not apply

only to Christians, but it has drawn inside it non-Christians as well to become Christians.

After reading the inspired writings of True Life in God, several Jews, Moslems, Buddhists

and Hindus have been baptized, although its spirituality is a Trinitarian contemplative

spirituality and totally imbued in Christianity. Christ had prayed to the Father for this and


“I pray not only for these but also for those who through their teaching will come to

believe in me.” (Jn 17:20)

So through grace, God is opening many doors. For instance, from

the very beginning I was told that this apostolic work would happen.

God will give you his peace and His strength when the time comes to show the messages.

God will want you to give the messages to everyone…

(My angel speaking 06.08.1986).


need not fear. You will be working for Jesus Christ. You will be helping others to grow


(My angel 07.08.1986). When you will be filled with My Holy Spirit you will be

able to guide others to Me and you shall multiply… (Jesus speaking 05.09.1986)

By calling

you in this way I mean to conduct others too, for all those who abandoned Me and do not

hear Me, because of these reasons this call is in written form…

(The Father 18.11.1986).

The Hiroshima Buddhist monks too got to know of the messages and invited me to speak in

their temple. The Catholic Bishop was there as well. It was the memorial day of the atomic

bomb. They were presented with a totally Christian message; then I offered them, an

enormous Rosary to hang on the wall for their meditation and a statue of our Lady of Fatima

which they placed in their yard.

Jews who read the True Life in God messages, asked for baptism and one of them translated

the first volume of True Life in God in Hebrew. It is now at the publishers to be published.

They all live in Israel.

Recently, Bangladesh wanted me to address the people in Dhaka in an open field. They

invited an Imam from the mosque who accepted their invitation to open the meeting with a

prayer and many Moslems were there. There were Hindus and Buddhist representatives and

Catholic priests as well. The message again was totally Christian (taken from the inspired

writings of True Life in God). The central and essential message that I gave was to reveal God

as Love, to make peace with God and neighbour, to reconcile and to learn to respect one

another. After the meeting was over though, two Moslem men wanted to become Christians

and get baptized.

“I want all the nations to hear My Words. I will instruct you and tell you